Wool care arrows



To care for your wool and keep it looking at its best, keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching of the hand dyed colours. You can use a vacuum on your lovely products and artworks to remove excess dust that can harm the wool. To keep your knits looking as good as new they can also be brushed with a wool comb to remove any stray hairs or bobbles that may build up over time.


Care 1Wipe any spills with a damp cloth, using lukewarm or cool water and a wool specific detergent. Lay flat to dry… this may take a while!



Care 2Do not bleach or use any other detergents that may harm the fibres.




Care 3Do not iron: who wants flat wool? Ironing may also cause undesired felting or warping of the wool.




Care 4Do not tumble dry, this may cause the wool to shrink, and then there would be less of it to love!