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Each Aphelia Opus product is individually hand dyed in small vats before being knitted up into our wonderful products and artwork, meaning each piece is always unique and exclusive.

We start off our dyeing process by weighing out our dyes, which often involves lots of meticulous colour mixing. We then heat up the water our lovely woollens are going to be submerged in, mixing in our dye colour as we go, before adding the wool. Only 1kg of wool tops is dyed at a time; reaching temperatures of up to 90- 100 degrees. Once all the dye has been drank by the wool it is then washed and left to hang dry naturally… drying it too quickly can leave it looking a bit thirsty and brittle!

As we dye the wool ourselves it means we can be quite particular about our colours. We love colour and think it adds the fundamental character of each piece. It also means we can add some neat effects to the colours like mottling (shade variations) and dip dyeing (dark to light).